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Auto Accident Injury Care in the Heart of Macomb County

Have you ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), including recently? Bath City Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. David McFadden have over 20 years of experience in treating auto accident patients using the most advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment available. Our goals are to provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of damaged structures, and quickly get you out of pain, discomfort, and back to your regular life, fully functioning and pain-free.

MVA Injuries Are Often Insidious With Minimal Pain and Discomfort

While auto accidents can be violent with severe damage to the vehicles, occupants often feel little to no pain immediately following a motor vehicle accident even when they’ve sustained an injury. The problem is, even with little to no pain or discomfort, the damage to the spine and surrounding structures can be significant.

Damage To Vehicles Often Does Not Reflect Injury To Occupants

The degree of damage to the vehicles involved in a MVA often does not coincide with the severity of damage sustained by the occupants.

Many minor collisions with little to no vehicle damage can result in significant soft tissue injuries, most often in the spine and surrounding areas - which, if not properly diagnosed and treated, can lead to chronic pain.

The Most Advanced Auto Injury Diagnostic Equipment

Dr. McFadden and Bath City Chiropractic Clinic utilize the most advanced, cutting edge diagnostic technologies.

One such technology is Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis, or CRMA. This technology is superior to plain x-rays and MRIs in diagnosing spinal injuries. CRMA utilizes advanced measurement technology that can identify excessive spinal motion commonly associated with spinal ligament injury and instability. Without this technology, these highly common auto accident injuries cannot be precisely located, can go undiagnosed, and thus cannot be as effectively treated.

Another advanced technology utilized by Dr. McFadden is the DynaROM Motion EMG, an FDA cleared diagnostic tool. The DynaROM measures spinal muscle guarding and spinal range of motion with the patient in motion. DynaROM testing allows the doctor to prove the existence of spinal injury, determine proper care, and track the progress and success of treatments.

Experience and Training Second To None

Dr. David McFadden not only possesses decades of experience in diagnosing and treating those involved with auto injury accidents, he is also certified in multiple auto injury diagnostic tools and technologies as well as whiplash trauma. Dr. McFadden is one of the leading experts in spinal trauma in the state of Michigan.

Seek Immediate Evaluation Following Any Auto Accident

It’s essential to obtain a proper and professional evaluation immediately following any motor vehicle accident, regardless of the degree of pain or discomfort. Not only do time limits exist for the coverage of medical claims, but time can work against you for proper healing.

If those injured soft tissue structures in and around the spine are not treated in a timely fashion, chronic issues can exist or arise months to years later. These chronic conditions almost always take considerably more time and effort to correct than if the individual would have received the proper care early on.